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Plumbing Code Licensing Prep.

Experience leads the way in Master Plumbing License preparation!

Our instructors will explain even the most difficult plumbing questions found on State Code Licensing exams.  Be fully prepared to sit for your exam and pass the first time!

The topics covered are:

  • Fuel and Gas Code - We including information on piping, venting, equipment installation, definitions, gaseous hydrogen systems, and specific appliances.
  • Offsets -We simplify the understanding of this complex process through charts that indicate angles of offset and multipliers.  You don’t need to know complex trigenometry theorems…
  • Plumbing Code - We explain specific definitions, general regulations, drainage systems, chimneys and vents, sanitation, and air piping systems. The Rockland, NY Mechanical Code is based on the 2009 International Plumbing Code.  Other areas differ – call Experience to find out exactly what you need!
  • Business and Project Management - We also cover themes such as planning and organization, risk management, project management, financial management, Connecticut state labor laws, lien laws, rules and regulations, and doing business in Connecticut.
  • OSHA - We will review preventing fatalities, construction regulations for the building industry, fire protection and prevention, first aid and medical attention, ladders and scaffolds.
  • Gutter Drainage - We show you how to calculate rainwater in residential and commercial buildings as well as basic principles of air gaps, air breaks, vacuums and operating cost calculations.

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