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Electrical Code Licensing Prep.

Experience is number one in Master Electrician State Licensing!

Our instructors will explain even the most difficult electrical code questions found on State Code Licensing exams.  Be fully prepared to sit for your exam and pass the first time!

The topics covered are:

    • Wiring Methods and Materials - We review Article 300 of the 2011 NEC which includes topics such as general requirements, conductors for general wiring, open wiring on insulators, mineral-insulated, Metal-Sheathed Cable: Type MI, power and control tray cable, and flexible metal conduit.
    • Grounding and Bonding - We explain definitions, system grounding, grounding electrode system and grounding electrode conductors, enclosures, raceways, service cable grounding, bonding, equipment grounding and equipment grounding conductors, methods of equipment grounding, direct-current systems, grounding of systems and circuits of 1 kV and over, instruments, meters, and relays.
    • Lockout, Tagout (OSHA) - We completely cover energy-isolating devices, periodic inspections, additional safety requirements, energy control procedures, energy control programs, requirements for Lockout/Tagout devices, employee training, application of controls and Lockout/Tagout devices, and the removal of Locks/Tags.
    • National Electrical Code - We explain Article 100 including definitions of common industry terms as standardized by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the NECC (National Electrical Code Committee), gaining a more thorough understanding of the NEC Codebook, and the most common misconceptions of the national electrical code as it relates to contractors.

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