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CPR & First Aid

Experience Safety is Principle Provider for CPR and First Aid Training!

Many occupations now realize the importance of early CPR and Defribrillation.  Experience offers the latest in training and certification of many healthcare workers, and community members in saving lives.  We offer BLS for the Healthcare Provider, Family & Friends, Hands-Only, and CPR in Schools, among other certifications.

Foodservice staff, restaurant owners, school nurses, day camp counselors-
Get Ready for School!

Many people are severely allergic to bee stings, peanuts, and certain foods that they don’t realize they can eat.  Get Epi-Pen® trained in how to identify anaphylaxis shock and the first aid procedures to safely administer the Epi-Pen®.  This 4-Hour training includes all resource material, thorough training, model Epi-Pen® administration and quick exam.

Expect the unexpected - Call Experience Safety and become CPR Certified Today!





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