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Freshly Smoked

Join us for a wonderful hour-long webinar to understand the methods and techniques to curing and smoking meat for preservation.  This food safety webinar will provide attendees an understanding of the benefits and health risks of meat curing and smoking process. This webinar will be presented in practical language understandable by all technically educated or trained individuals in meat packaging and sausage production industries regardless of specialty.



Who will Benefit:

This online webinar will be beneficial at levels from senior management to operations in meat processing and packaging industries. It would be valuable for the following personnel with experience levels ranging from seasoned veterans to those newly assigned to roles related to curing and meat packaging:

  • Plant Managers
  • Food Packaging Directors
  • Process Automation and design teams
  • Operations/Production Management
  • Food Manufacturing Operations personnel
  • Food Processing and Design Engineering
  • Meat and Meat products Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Meat Packaging Quality Control Professional

The speaker will handle your specific questions at the end of the webinar.

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