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Back in Business After Sandy

Join us for a spectacular hour-long webinar to discover some of the hazards and measures for dealing with food safety after a natural storm or weather related catastrophe.  This food safety webinar will discuss methods, strategies and regulatory policies that affect the reuse or storing of various food items following severe weather related emergencies, such as storms.

Why Should You Attend:

Stemming from Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Sandy, we are seeing more severe weather related storms affecting the food industry. Many resources including water, refrigeration, and power need to be working adequately for food to remain fresh. Once a storm hits, any one of these necessary items can compromise food safety for the public. This ultimately may have detrimental results.

Certain foods may not be safe to eat during and after a weather related emergency. This 60 minute session is geared towards restaurant owners, schools, Senior Living facilities, and any commercial or industrial food related service impacted by severe weather related emergencies. The session will cover the methods, strategies and regulatory policies that affect the reuse or storing of various food items. The goal is to help protect the public from contaminated food yet, get back into business safely and efficiently. Depending on the impact of a storm, this session will also cover items to be discarded and what can be salvaged safely for consumption.

At the end of this webinar, the speaker will handle your specific questions related to the topic.

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